How to register a Corporate or Gym/Club team

If you would like to enter a Corporate or Gym/Club team please get your team manager to register a team by selecting the "Team Mangement" button from the Home page.

Click here to create your new team

Once you have created a new team with a name and password you will then receive an email with this information. You then can proceed with registering for the Corporate or Gym/Club Challenge using this information.

As the team manager you can either enter all your team members yourself or forward the email with your team name and password onto your team members to enter themselves. 

Please make a note of your team password as this is not sent out in the team confirmation email. 

Payment Options - both require a debit or credit card 
Option 1: Select the Pay Now option so each member is required to pay upon their registration
Option 2: Select the Pay Later option which allows all members to register without paying, then the team manager can log in and make a bulk payment for all entries. This options is well suited if one person has collected all entry fees or if your compnay/club/gym is paying for the entries.   
Option 3: Select the Both option. This means when you get to the end of your registration you have the option to Pay Now or Submit. If you choose Submit the team manager can log in and pay for your entry. 

How to register for Corporate or Gym/Club Challenge
Select the City to Surf entry type, under that option you will see the Corporate or Gym/Club Challenge Run and Walk entry types. Select either the run or walk entry type and proceed onto the next page. At the bottom of the next page is where you will be asked for your team name and password. You can then continue with your registration to the payment section and once payment has been made your Corporate or Gym/Club Challenge entry is complete. 

Please Note: Corporate and Gym/Club teams need to have a minimum of 5 people, however there is no limit of how many members you can have in your team this year. The first five competitor home from your corporate team will calculate your team's final position.